Semantic Release

Once you have added your Project to CFA and set up a Requester and a Responder for that project you can go ahead and configure Semantic Release to use CFA.

Step 1: Configure your CI environment

In order for CFA to run and authenticate correctly you must configure the following environment variables on your CI provider.

Environment Variable



The "Project Secret" found on your Project configuration page


The "Project ID" found on your Project configuration page

Step 2: Configure Semantic Release

You should configure Semantic Release following the default instructions. Then once it's completely set up you should add @continuous-auth/semantic-release-npm as a dev-dependency to your project.

yarn add @continuous-auth/semantic-release-npm --dev

Then add the following file to the root of your project

  "plugins": [

This is identical to the default configuration but with the default npm plugin swapped out for the CFA one.

Step 3: Try trigger a release

Everything should be completely set up now, try pushing a semantic commit to master and see if it releases your module.

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